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Bar League was made to make softball more fun and make running a league simple. Easily create a league, add teams and fields. Teams can post final scores or do advanced play-by-play accounts of their games that anyone can view in real-time.

For Leagues

Effortlessly add your league, fields, teams and scheduled games. Scores, stats and plays submitted to Bar League are available in-app and on, or share them on Facebook or Twitter.

For Teams

Quickly setup your roster and batting order, submit scores or broadcast a play-by-play account of your game to the league. During play-by-play mode, players stats like batting average and RBIs are updated automatically.

For Players and Fans

Stay up-to-date and check real-time scores, standings and stats for the teams in your league. Not sure where the game is? Tap fields to get driving directions. Share your team's scores and stats on Facebook or Twitter.

Find Leagues

Bar League uses your current location to find organized and pickup leagues in your area. In addition, you can search for leagues worldwide by name.

When you first launch the app you can find the league near you to follow—or you can create your own league and join the Bar League community.

Check Scores

The Bar League scoreboard shows the most recent games played in your league or the next scheduled set of games. A date selector at the top allows you to jump to the last set of games, next set of games or select a specific date to see the scores and scheduled games for that day.

Watch Play-by-Play

Games that are being broadcast as play-by-play can be viewed in Bar League by tapping on live games from the scoreboard. From there, you can see who is up to bat, who is pitching, the baserunners and the play results. In addition to outs, runs, hits and errors you stay in touch with games across the world as if you were there.

Keep up to Date

Leagues can keep their teams, players and fans informed through Bar League's news center. Articles posted from Bar League are available in-app and on the web, sharable through Facebook and Twitter.

Check Standings

Once games are over and their final scores are submitted, the league commissioner can update league standings at the touch of a button. Get a detailed view of league ranking, winning percentage, games back and more.

Manage Teams

With Bar League, managing your team roster is a snap. Create a player and add their vital stats, then Bar League does the rest.

When you start a play-by-play game broadcast, you set your lineup by selecting players from your full roster, then simply drag and drop them into the batting order.

Setting fielding positions is easy as well—Bar League automatically sets a field to the players prefered positions, then lets you make changes with just a tap.

Simple or In-depth

Play-by-Play broadcasts are great—tracking each pitch and each play is exciting for others in the league to follow. What's more, it's a great way to track batting averages, fielding percentages and build spray charts for the competition.

You might not always have the time or resources to enter that level of detail. That's why Bar League includes modes like "Runs, Outs and Inning only", where you simply tap a button to increase or decrease the vital stats of the game.

Need it to be even easier? No problem! Bar League will let you submit the final score after the game. It's up to you to decide what is right for you and your team.

Share the Fun

It's easy to share everything with others. All scores, standings and news articles are available in each league's custom website on In addition, you can share everything on Facebook or Twitter with the touch of a button.

Bar League

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